Become an Ambassador for ixat

Now you can be one of the Ambassadors of the platform that will change urban mobility in Portugal. We are looking for ambassadors who are influencers on social media, and who provide organic content, but most of all real content.

Our mission is to improve urban mobility, making people's daily lives simpler, saving time and money, and also reducing the environmental footprint with the electric vehicles available on the platform.

If you identify with our principles, and meet the requirements mentioned below, you just have to send an email to and send your data (name, age, email, telephone contact, links to the social networks to be used) to become an ixat Ambassador.


- Living in Portugal;

- Be over 18 years old;

- Be registered in the ixat application, with your first name;

- Have one or more public accounts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok; Linkedin, Youtube or Twitter. Blogs are reviewed by our team for approval) with more than 1,000 Followers and active for at least six months;

Then wait for our team responsible for managing Ambassadors to contact you, who will inform you of all the benefits you are entitled to.