Call an ixat and enjoy your trip!
ixat APP the TRIBE that moves, cheaper and responsible in the city...

We are an Urban Mobility platform present all around Portugal that provides the Motoclycle Cab Mobility service.
We are the only platform that offers Motorcycles with drivers, on Maxi Scooters and Tourism motocycling segments, most of them 100% electric, our GREEN GO!

ixat Go - The new TRIBE

ixat Go is the new urban mobility platform present in Portugal.

Now users of cabs and tvde's can also call motorbikes anb be transported via ixat App (Available on IOS and on the Play Store), with faster trips, overcoming the daily obstacles of Portuguese roads.

If you are already a courier or you have a motorcycle, take advantage of this new work tool and take the best of your motorcycle with the ixat go App. Increase your profits and optimize your management on the ixat go App!