Investor Information

ixat Ridesharing emerged from the belief in the importance of Urban Mobility.

Our mission is to be the Portuguese mobility platform, connecting users and mobility service providers. We operate an end-to-end modular technology platform designed to connect the mobility ecosystem across the country.

Hence, ixat ridesharing will soon include the TVDE service, cab service, flights, hotels, experiences, delivery, bike and scooter rental, among many other solutions for urban mobility, which will make everyone's life much simpler and more greener. 

In 2023, we intend to open the Startup to everyone, through what we decided to call crowdfunding, where investors will have the opportunity to acquire a stake in the share capital of ixat, but with many benefits. These, the new “ixaters”, will be the main promoters of the Startup, because in addition to being entitled to part of the profits, they will also be entitled to a refund of 1% of all amounts used in the ixat application, in the form of cashback.