About Us

ixat Ridesharing was born from the idea of co-founders Tiago Lousada and Elisabete Anjos Oliveira, both with a progressive vision of Urban Mobility.

In November 2021, we decided to create ixat Ridesharing, an urban mobility platform, with two-wheeled vehicles, starting the “Motocycle cab” and Relay segment in Portugal.

In October 2022, almost a year after the creation of ixat Ridesharing, we have the application ready to be launched to the public.

During the time that intermediated the creation and launch of the APP, its co-founders participated in bootcamps and various entrepreneurship events about Startups, and have also obtained an investment of 100.000€, so far.

We were also invited to be at the Websummit in Lisbon, being present as Startup Alpha, between the 1st and 4th of November 2022, which shows us that we are on the right path.